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EasyTech by Learning.com

EasyTech is a one-stop-shop for all your digital literacy curriculum needs such as Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding, Productivity Tools, Coding and many more. It is a comprehensive building-level and district solution for K-12, which develops students’ digital, computer science, and STEM prowess, and is available for individual content areas and grade bands. 

Curriculum aligned to ISTE, CSTA, and state technology standards, EasyTech is created by educators addressing teachers’ and students’ pain points such as integrations with various LMS, student and class-level reporting, interactive, gamified lessons and hands-on, collaborative projects.

EasyTech allows for asynchronous instruction in both traditional and online classroom environments and is delivered through the Learning.com platform, as well as integrations with LMSs. The curriculum optimizes learning with hands-on practice and gamified content helping students tackle real-world problems.

Content Areas covered:

  • Computational Thinking Coding
  • Computer Fundamentals Word Processing
  • Online Safety & Digital Citizenship
  • Keyboarding
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets & Databases
  • Visual Mapping
  • Multimedia
  • Internet Usage & Communications
  • Cyber Robotics